2014 Golf Outing

What better way to spend a Friday during the summer then playing a fun round of golf with colleagues and industry professionals on this 18 hole championship golf course!

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"Communities in Motion is the leading foundation focused on building awareness for efficient and sustainable transportation that will create a healthier lifestyle for our community."-Tien-Yueh Bosma Kubach, President, Communities in Motion



The Foundation is led by a board of directors and four officers. Board members have formed three committees that focus on specific initiatives to advance the goals of the Foundation. Details regarding each committee are included to the right.


Education and Programs Committee

The education and programs committee will oversee and be engaged with the Peter P. Quinn Scholarship Intern. After a list of candidates has been made, committee members will then seek potential candidates and be involved in the student’s intern experience. Additionally, these committees will review and suggest different programs and grant opportunities that the Foundation should pursue to gather funding for public outreach campaigns.


Fundraising Committee

This committee will be responsible for seeking event sponsors and annual sponsorships. Encouraging corporate giving and developing new avenues for sponsorship is the primary purpose of this committee; without their assistance, programs and events may not have the funding they need to be as effective or far-reaching as the Foundation desires.


Marketing and Events Committee

This committee will be engaged in planning the Foundation’s two main events: Annual Reception (winter fundraising event) and Golf Outing (summer fundraising event). They are responsible for creating, proposing and developing future events to benefit the Foundation’s goals. The marketing and events committee is also responsible for generating ideas on how to effectively market the Foundation so we can engage potential donors.